Terry Hook

Terry Hook FCMI: managing director of Clock-IT-Skills

Terry Hook is the Managing Director of Clock-IT-Skills, an independent IT skills consultancy.

With significant industry experience in Telecommunications and Information Technology, Terry was formerly employed by IBM UK for 32 years; his last posting as the Technical Education Manager for Northern Europe. A widely experienced manager of technical staff and a member of the Chartered Management Institute, Terry is familiar with the practical challenges facing front line ICT industry managers and professionals. He is a former director of the SFIA (Skills for the Information Age) foundation.

As an appointed CEN expert, Terry is a joint author of the European e-Competence Framework for ICT Professionals, as a member of the 'e-competence in action' team, he participated in the completion of version 2 of the e-CF and subsequently participated in the development of e-CF version 3 . He has engaged in a number of e-CF and EQF related projects including the e-careers services project which seeks to establish interoperability of national IT career websites. He was also a member of the CEN appointed European ICT job profile team which developed a family of profiles complimentary to the e-CF.